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After 22 years of supplying food for our neighbors, New Hope Pantry is moving towards a more healthy initiative. Part of our weekly food pick up and deliveries include healthy whole foods (fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and lean meats). However, in addition, there is also a large amount of sugar and carb laden breads and sweets that come to us as well.

We believe God created our bodies, and it is our job to present them back to Him as a living sacrifice, which is our reasonable service. The better we feed our bodies, the better they will serve us to fulfill the work for which God created us.

Because of this, we will be slowly changing our food offerings to healthier options as God provides. Our immediate goal is to find local sources for fresh fruits, veggis, eggs, honey, whole wheat breads, herbs, dairy, and even meats. We already have a few farmers that bless us with a portion of their crops, and some  individuals with chickens who share their over run of eggs.

As our number of shoppers continue to increase, our need for more, whole foods increases as well. We are praying for more farmers and individuals to come beside us with a portion of their home grown goods, so we can pass it on to those in need.

Many of our shoppers are going through a difficult time in their life. Eating well is out of reach for them due to the high cost of many healthy foods in the stores. Yet it is an important part of keeping a clear mind, and healthy body to work through difficult issues. Will you help us help them? Can you commit to being a resource, or helping us find the resources we need to shift our pantry to a whole foods, healthy eating source for the community?

Long term goals include a Pantry building (which is already approved at our current site), with a commercial kitchen / and cafe area. In addition to serving fresh, whole foods in their original state, we will also be able to offer healthy prepared foods for distribution as well. The commercial kitchen will also be a place where nutrition can be taught in a hands on fashion, for the young and old.

The cafe area will be a welcoming area where sampling of new recipes using fresh, wholesome ingredients will be offered during certain hours.

We are excited about the future, and pray others will catch the vision, and help us find a way to feed those in need with the same whole foods we ourselves enjoy. Thank you for your support!