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Looking for something different? Join us for a Vacation Bible School with an original "Under Construction" theme. To go along with the real life, construction project going on as our church building is being constructed at the same time!

We will focus on building the life that God intended.

Day 1: Choosing the Right Project to Build - What is God's Plan for my life?

Day 2: Clearing the Building Site - Ridding our lives of Sin

Day 3: Planning the Build - Drawing God's Plan for our Lives

Day 4: Building on the Right Foundation - The importance of making Jesus Christ and His Word the Foundation for our lives

Day 5:  Time to Build - Using building toys, each child will be challenged with the possibility of being called to the Mission Field, where they must Build something to meet a need of someone they want to share the Gospel with (i.e. hospital, house, church, transportation)